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Tropes: forced proximity, road trip, enemies to lovers, angst


Aftershock Book #2

Lily Morrison was as guarded as a woman could get—until Aspen Bellevue came along during her first year of college. His playful banter and sexy smirk paved a way straight to her heart. But that was before his playboy tendencies demolished it. After being hurt by the one man she ever truly wanted, she swore she’d never let herself fall for him again.

Aspen always knew his best friend’s twin sister was off limits. Lily was the one girl he couldn’t have—and yet, the only one he pined for. But by the time he realized this, ready to change his ways, it was already too late.

To her, Aspen will always be a womanizer. To him, she’s a sassy spitfire whose feathers he still loves to ruffle.

Now, after a few years apart, they’re thrown together to reunite with their old college crew. But this time, Aspen has a plan. He wants Lily to be his by the time they travel from Texas to South Carolina. Meanwhile, Lily wants their baggage to stay in the past—where to her, it belongs.

How much could go wrong when two sworn enemies—with two different outlooks and renewed sexual tension—come together in a car for a week-long road trip?

Only one of them wants to find out.

The Road to Finding Us is a complete standalone in the Aftershock Series.

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😍 I love a good enemies to lovers story! I am a sucker for angst, sexual tension, and banter! I love this book! So hot, so good! 😍

- Elizabeth, goodreads


I couldn't wait for Aspen and Lily's story and it was everything I hoped it would be! I loved all the angsty feelings in this one!

- Chasity, goodreads


This couple, their games, their banter, the angst, all of it took me on such a journey, filled with twists and turns.

- Amazon Review


If you’re looking for a short read with cute characters, this is the book to read! I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for more

- Amazon Review