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Aftershock book #1

Veronica Cunningham was as shallow as they came—until new depths dragged her under at just seventeen. Now—aside from her art—she prefers all things surface-level, at best.

Maverick Morrison needs a new roommate—and as a loyal man in a long-term relationship with his best friend, that’s all he needs. But when he meets Veronica, he finds himself slowly pulled into her past—and her sorrow, which threatens to swallow them both.

To her, Maverick is annoying—with a stubbornness that rivals even her own—but safe. Though his ocean-eyes remind her of all that she’s lost. To him, she’s captivating. A beautiful mystery.

Until he discovers that her guarded heart is a riptide—and that his has been in the wrong hands all along…

What happens when a love-destructive girl accidentally falls for a boy who’s vowed to never again accept a love that doesn’t mend?

Tropes: small town romance, emotional, slow-burn, angst

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Book #2


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What a great read! Kat delivers a great plot, strong characters and solid development, awesome details, and jaw-dropping twists! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

- Kat Savage


For fans of Kandi Steiner, AL Jackson and small town romances with a dash of angst, The Consequence of Loving Me is a breathtaking journey worthy of Five Stars and more.

- Ashlee, goodreads


This is one of those books that you finish and go “WOW, that was just everything” and then wipe a tear away.

- Amazon Review


HOLY AMAZINGNESS!!! This book was so damn good, I couldn't put it down from the first page! I adored Veronica and Maverick, such dynamic characters and beautiful writing. A phenomenal debut!

- Amazon Review

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