The Mixtape Series book #1

His songs were better when he had a broken heart.

That sentence would change my life after my dream job was dished to me on a shiny, silver platter.

All I had to do?

Hurt Nash Pierce enough to get him writing good music again.

The pop icon’s songs were no longer the phenomena they used to be. His team needed another breakthrough album—like the first he’d penned, using his heartbreak as fuel.

The plan was simple: I’d go on tour with him as a backup dancer…and make him fall in love with me. I was hired to inspire—to become embedded into every lyric he wrote. Then, I was to set fire to it all—to destroy every feeling we hoped he’d develop for me.

It seemed simple enough. Easy, even.

I didn’t expect to be consumed myself—to see so much in the man displayed in the tabloids. I didn’t foresee falling for him. It didn’t occur to me that, while attempting to break his heart, I might just shatter my own.

Most of all, I never thought I’d fight so hard to hold on to a relationship that had always been founded on goodbye.

Tropes: popstar romance, asshole hero, angsty slow burn

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This is the story of heartbreak, angst, and redemption. It’s a stand-alone and it’s absolutely epic. You need this in your life.

- Jennifer, goodreads

Holy hell. Wow. I fell madly in love with this book how Nash Pierce fell for Nora Mason. Was my heart ripped out and shown in front of my face? Yes. But it was the best heart break in the end. I could honestly go on and on how beautiful this writing was.

- Valerie, goodreads

I absolutely and positively fell in love with this book from the very first verse. The instant attraction between the two characters seemed so real that there were times I had to sit my kindle down to cool myself off.

- Amanda, Beauty and the Bookies


I cannot tell you how much I loved this book. I fell in love with the characters just as much as the story. It was literally my perfect book.

- Amazon Review